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1M X 1M Fire Blanket

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Never Leave Home Safety
as a Blind Spot

Accidents like a grease igniting fire or a toaster catching fire could happen when we least expect them. It would really be smart to always have a great safety item like the 1M X 1M Fire Blanket within your reach!

This is an essential tool that quickly quenches down fire, allowing you to move quickly and prevent serious injuries. It works efficiently to stop both grease and liquid fire without leaving any mess. This also comes with a small carry bag for easy storage and transport.


  • Cater for Your Safety: You can place this blanket around areas where a fire is most likely to start like the kitchen, grills, cars, camping sites, gas stations, and more
  • Mess-Free: Unlike the fire extinguishers, the fire blanket does not leave a mess after a fire
  • No Maintenance Needed: It requires no maintenance or service checks, such as those needed by extinguishers
  • Easy to Use: No training is required to use the product, you only need to pull down the tabs, remove the blanket inside the pouch and then place it over the fire

  • It is soft and lightweight but tough enough to smother an angry fire
  • The fabric construction ensures improved durability so you can rely on at the time of an emergency
  • It is easily cleaned so you can wash and re-use
  • The blanket folds up to a small size for easy transport, simple storage, and quick organisation


  • Material: Fiberglass cloth
  • Color: White
  • Temperature: Isolates high temperatures up to 1076℉or 580℃
  • Size: 1m x 1m

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Fire Blanket