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2-In-1 Folding Love Ring Bracelet

Rose Gold

Let This Ring Bracelet Be Your Love Confession!

Planning to buy a ring and a bracelet but don't want to spend the extra bucks? How about getting both for the price of one? Yes, that's entirely possible with this 2-in-1 Folding Love Ring Bracelet!

This 2-in-1 Folding Love Ring Bracelet has a simple and elegant design that makes it attractive to a lot of people. You can wear it as stackable lovely rings or a delicate chain bracelet, depending on your preference for the moment. It is crafted beautifully and designed especially to go with all kinds of outfits, may it be for formal or casual dress up!


  • Foldable, it folds into a stackable ring with a heart centerpiece and unfolds into an elegant bracelet, depending on your mood of the moment.
  • Made of environmentally friendly copper, shiny and non-fading
  • Suitable for casual, dinner, engagement, and wedding wear. It is designed for women and girls and aims to show people more glamour and fashion
  • Exquisitely hand-polished, smooth, round, and sleek.
  • Simply unclasp to use it as a braceletand fold it if you want to use it as a ring.


  • Material: Copper
  • Color: Gold, Silver, Rose Gold
  • Ring Size: 17.7mm
  • Bracelet Size: 18.5cm


  • 1 x 2-in-1 Folding Love Ring Bracelet