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2019 Magnetic False Eyelashes

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This 2019 genius beauty invention has been getting a lot of buzz — and for good reason. Considering the fact that salons charge expensively for lash extension treatments that only last a month, magnetic eyelashes are gradually becoming HOT new fashion and beauty trend!

They are perfect for everyday use as well as for special events including balls, weddings and parties. Use them time and time again. They will not get damaged due to glue, like how normal strip lashes would.

These handcraft magnetic lashes are made with synthetic silk and super thin magnets, so they feel practically weightless when worn.

  • Goes on in seconds (no messy glues or adhesives required) You can put these on in under 10 seconds
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • They don’t look fake and provide gorgeous length and volume. They look natural. 
  • Reusableover and over again!
  • The tiny magnets are powerful. They hold lashes in place. 
  • Safe for everyday use

Simply line up the two strips (one on the top of your natural lashes, one on the bottom) and voilà! The magnets fuse together and you’ve got yourself a set of wink-worthy lashes.