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2019 Professional In-Ear Cleaning Endoscope - PC and Android Devices

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Have you ever feel itchy in your ears and no one is beside you to help you check the problems? This Ear Cleaning Endoscope will help you check your ears and it can be connected with your phone or tablet, from which you can clearly see the inside of your ears in real time!

Just plug the cable to your Android devices or PC and check the ear canal or earwax clearly on your phone. Ideal for daily ear cleaning care.


Ear Cleaning Endoscopeis easy to operate and with wide compatibility. Works with Android smartphone/tablet and PC. You can see the situation in your ear canal on the screen on your phone or tablet in real time. In-Ear Cleaning Endoscope is not only for checking your ear canal or earwax cleaning, but you can also get an extra one to check your pets.
It is also perfect for checking your teeth and gum!


  • Effectively avoid hurting your children's or your own ear canal caused by cleaning ears blindly. 
  • Compatible with PC (USB) and any Android phone (Micro USB and Type C)
  • With electronic micro-camera, you can achieve real-time observation of the whole process of dig earwax through the USB data cable. 
  • Flexible and soft finishing to avoid ear canal being damaged.
  • 5.5mm ultra-thin lens in 720P, easy access ear canal and see more clearly. 
  • 6pcs LED lamp brightness can be adjusted by the dimmer button of the control box according to your need. 
  • Resin material ear spoons, flexible and soft to avoid ear canal being damaged.  
  • PVC rope, environmental and flexible, convenient and durable. 
  • Multi-functional, it not only can check the ear canal but also can check the eardrum, mouth, gums, throat, nasal cavity, scalp hair root and other body parts. 


Lens: 5.5mm (Dameter) 
Pixel: 0.3MP 
Focus Distance: 1.5cm/0.59inch 
Pen Length: Approx. 3.8cm / 1.50inch 


1pc x 2019 Professional In-Ear Cleaning Endoscope