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360° Rotatable Blind Spot Convex Mirror


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2019 Top Road Safety Enhancing & Parking Gadget

A flexible convex-shaped blind spot mirror that can help you see the surrounding clearly when you park your car or change lanes is a really great buy! Having this can help you eliminate the blind spots while driving.

The 360 Degrees Round Convex Panoramic Rear View Mirror can be used in any vehicles like trucks, cars, etc. It greatly enhances visibility that ensures driving safely since it widens the angle of a driver's side view.

The 360 degrees feature makes it easily adjustable to your desired angle so it is very convenient to rotate even while you're in the car. It is durable as it has a full back cover that can prevent the glass from breaking. 


It is easily installed and comes with adhesive tape at the back. Wipe the side view mirror with a clean paper towel before the installation, making sure that it is dry too. Pull out the adhesive tape's sticker just below the lens and stick on the chassis then mount the second view mirror on the lower right-hand corner, the one nearest to the driver. Apply light pressure and wait for it to bond. The entire rear view mirror can also be attached to the car.



  • Convex side mirror with 360 degrees angle and panoramic view
  • Rotatable and easily adjustable
  • Enhances visibility by having a wider view
  • Easily installed within seconds
  • A real must-have for your vehicle
  • Eliminates the blind spots


  • Materials: High-quality glass mirror and plastic case
  • Color: Black / White


  • 1pc 360 degrees car blind spot mirror (Left/Right)