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3D Phone Screen Magnifier


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Own a Portable 'TV'!

Today’s modernization allows smartphone users to easily watch online movies, YouTube or their favorite TV shows. Yet the mobile phone’s minimal screen size, it could lets us feel uncomfortable in the long run and causes us eye fatigue. The 3D Phone Screen Magnifier is such a good news to us!


It provides clear magnification that you can take with you wherever you go and enable you to watch films, videos or read with your mobile phone hands-free.

Enjoy movie time in comfort in cafe or airplane, alone or with your beloved! 



  • Portable TV on hand: provide affordable and 3 to 4 times clear magnification that you can take with you wherever you go
  • Built-in phone holder: give a hands-free convenience when watching or reading from your phone
  • Never feel tired: relieve the discomfort and fatigue caused by focusing on a small screen for long periods of time
  • Protect your eyes: convenient for easy and long-distance viewing which can protect your eyes, and also able to filter harmful light sources
  • Power or supply is not needed, which is eco-friendly
  • Allow you to adjust the magnifier screen to your preference by moving it up or down
  • Its lightweight folding design is easy to use, portable and stylish
  • Suitable for any kind of smartphone and perfect for watching movies, videos, and reading


  • Material: TPU + Wood
  • Screen Size: 12 inches
  • Product Dimension: 26cm x 19cm
  • Color: Coffee, Gold, White

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 3D Phone Screen Amplifier