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3X Magnifying Fresnel Lens - 10pcs/20pcs/30pcs


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You Deserve a More Enjoyable Reading Time!

Reading is fun, but it is always exhausting and difficult to read the small words. The 3X Magnifying Fresnel Lens is definitely what you want to read easily! Fresnel lens is much thinner than a comparable conventional lens, which allows you to use it as a bookmark.

Being transparent, durable and compact, you can clearly see the words or things that you want to enlarge. You can put the lens into your wallet and read books or newspapers anytime and anywhere.


  • Convenient reading: as an ideal visual aid for viewing text, photos and maps
  • Handy and lightweight: convenient to carry in your wallet for easy access for reading restaurant menus
  • Not only for reading: great for small solar projects and starting camp fires as a great additional to any emergency or survival tool set
  • High durability: can be bent slightly or dropped with no damage occurred 

  • Much thinner than conventional lenses
  • Made from High quality plastics


  • Dimensions: 8.00*5.50*0.04cm (L*W*H) 

Package Includes: 

  • 10/20/30pcs 3X Magnifying Fresnel Glass Card