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5D Carbon Fiber Vinyl Film


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Help Your Car Stand Out!

Your car is your identity out on the road. While painting it may be expensive, getting a custom wrap to decorate the interior can be more cost-effective. 5D Carbon Fiber Vinyl Film probably is the best solution to you!

Simply cut and trim the film into the size fit on different parts of the car interior. It is resistant to scratchesto present a glossy look. It also stretches around curves well without producing any unwanted marks


  • Stand out: even you are not able to spend for painting, you can still impress your family and friends with the vinyl film applied in your car
  • Protect the interior: act as a protective layer applied on different parts of your car interior, always resistant to scratches to present a glossy look
  • Reposition available: can be re-lifted, repositioned and stretched while installing
  • 0 residues: create 0 unwanted marks when you remove the vinyl film, able to be re-sticked again in ease

  • Completely waterproof, stain and UV resistant
  • Self-adhesive backing with Air Release Channels (Bubble-Free)


  1. Make sure the surface is clean. 
  2. Spray water on the sticker for easy application.
  3. Use a scraper to flatten the surface and to remove excess bubble.
  4. Use a gun dryer to heat edges. 


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Imported PVC fiber
  • Weight: 200g
  • Size: 
    • 152cmx30cm
    • 200cmx50cm
    • 152cmx50cm
  • Fit for: Cars, Furniture, Gadgets, etc.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 5D Carbon Fiber Vinyl Film