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Random Mix Instant Eyeshadow Sticker - 6 Pairs Set

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Always wanted that perfectly blended eyeshadow? Now you can with this Instant Eyebrow Sticker that comes in random beautiful colors. You can easily apply this eyeshadow even with no professional help. No need for makeup tools and brushes or any secondary applicators. 


  • Inclusive. The designs and colors are suitable for any skin tones of all ethnicity. Just pick the perfect color that suits you and you’re good to go.

  • Waterproof and Long lasting. You are ensured to have the best night of your life without having to re-apply your eyeshadow again and again.

  • Fast and Easy to Apply. Just place the sticker right to your eyes and blend it right in for the perfect look.

  • Crease Proof. You can have the best looking eyeshadow without any mess or crease so you can look your best at all time.


    • Product Name: Eyeshadow Stickers
    • Brand: Maxdona
    • Color:Random Color
    • Size:6*2.5cm
    • Shipping Weight 0.009kg (0.02lb.)
    • Shipping Weight : 15cm x 10cm x 10cm (5.91in x 3.94in x 3.94in)


    • 1 x 6 Pairs/set Random Mix Instant Eyebrow Sticker