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HILLAX Reusable Coffee Capsule - 6pcs Set


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Probably, you are trying to find a solution to either save some money on recurring costs of Nespresso capsules or searching for a system that can let you use fresh coffee grounds in a Nespresso machine.

HILLAX Reusable Coffee Capsule are the perfect solution for you!

HILLAX Capsulemakes sure that you brew premium quality coffee on your own choice every time while also saving you moneyfrom repeatedly buying another set of capsules. Their lids are equipped with O-ring for a snug fit and they are made of food grade plastic specifically designed to resist high temperature.

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Suitable for Nespresso machines, these capsules allow you to brew your coffee without any error code or modification needed. They are simple to use and practical, too. They are perfect for coffee lovers.

Go with the HILLAX Reusable Coffee Capsule and help in cleaning some environment while enjoying your coffee!


  • Suitable for Nespresso coffee machine.
  • Food-grade PP (Propene Polymer) material, safe, non-toxic, environmental protection.
  • Use according to your own filling preferences
  • Eco-friendly, no additional waste material, and offers a good filtering effect.
  • Lower your costs, double your value and increase your personal choices.
  • Cleans easily under running water, uniform and stable precision, easy installation.


  • Material: Food Grade PP(Propene Polymer)
  • Spoon Length: 104mm
  • Spoon Inner Diameter: 33mm
  • Quantity: 6 pieces


  • 6Pcs x Coffee Capsule
  • 1Pc x Spoon
  • 1Pc x Brush
  • 1Pc x Tamper (Premium Pack)