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8-in-1 Multipurpose Food Processor Bottle

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If you're looking for the perfect gift or one that you can use yourself in the kitchen, the 8-In-1 Magic Kitchen Bottle can be your best buy!

The bottle has 8 accessories made for various functions:

  1. Lemon Juicer
  2. Spice Grater
  3. Cheese Grater
  4. Lid Opener
  5. Egg Yolk Separator
  6. Egg Masher
  7. Funnel
  8. 420ML Measuring Cup

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When stacked together, they form as a single wine bottle! It simply looks amazing on your countertop.

It comes with a very clever and attractive design. It is a funnel with several attachments for pouring sauces and liquids into containers spill-free. This attachment enables you to fill bottles made with a narrow neck and also serves as the bottle's cap when stacked together.

It is made in many different colors that make it recognizable. Cooking is now made easy when you use this magic kitchen bottle which saves a lot of space. This is proven to be durable and easy to clean, hand washing is recommended. Make sure to give it a rinse when using for the first time.

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  • Made from a non-toxic plastic
  • A perfect gift
  • Highly multifunctional and attractive bottle
  • A funnel that can be used to fill bottles with a narrow neck
  • A spice grater for making fresh garlic or ginger
  • A 420ML measuring cup in a practical yet elegant design
  • An egg masher in a jiffy if you also want cubed boiled eggs
  • A cheese grater for Parmesan on your favourite pasta
  • A lid opener for stubborn jar lids
  • An egg yolk separator that you can use in an instant



Food Grade Pastick

Package includes
8 in 1 kitchen tool set