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Astronomical Sphere Ring

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Get Your Own Universe

What if you could wear the whole universe on your finger? A ring that unfolds into an astronomical sphere, this Astronomical Sphere Ring is indeed a unique and beautiful piece. You can wear it as a ring or a pendant.

During the 16th to 17th century, astronomy tools became design inspirations for fashionable finger rings that moved like regular astronomical spheres. With sophisticated designs, the ring has been engraved with astronomical symbols, zodiac signs and more.  


  • Wear the universeengraved with astronomical symbols from the 16th century, Zodiac signs, Ancient Greek alphanumeric characters, constellations and more
  • More than a ring: become an astronomical sphere when the bands are fanned out
  • Multiway to wear: wear it as a ring when closed or a pendant when opened
  • High quality: exquisitely handcrafted in detailed and fine workmanship

  • Can be used as a personal ring or a couple’s ring
  • Perfect gift for your loved one


  • Material: Metal
  • Color: Gold / Silver
  • Size: 5-11 (US size)

How to Determine Ring Size:

  • Cut a thin strip of paper long enough to wrap around the chosen finger.
  • Wrap the paper around your finger, and mark the point where the two ends meet.
  • Measure the paper by using a ruler.
  • Find the measurement on the Ring Sizing Chart to find your size.

Package Includes:

  • 1pc Astronomical Sphere Ring