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Automatic Opening Oil Bottle

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Smart Chef Needs This!

It's hard to control the amount of oil poured into the pan! Do you want to keep your kitchen looking great without the mess all over the place? Eliminate the mess precisely with the Automatic Opening Oil Bottle!

The lever principle plays the trick to open and close the mouth automatically. The olecranon nozzle design allows 0 oil hanging oil droplets on the bottle. Now you don't need to spend extra time in cleaning the oil mess in kitchen. Besides, a better control enables you to add only the enough amount of oil.


  • Automatic opening: thanks to the lever principle, the mouth can therefore open and close automatically when pouring oil
  • Olecranon nozzle: 0 oil droplets hand on the bottle because of the olecranon nozzle design
  • Mess-free: due to 0 oil droplets, you no longer need to spend time and clear up the mess after cooking each time
  • Healthy lifestyle: it is much more easier for you to control the amount of oil added to the pan

  • Easy to fill oil in because of large mouth
  • Made of food-grade PP and equipped with a durable glass
  • Inside silicone can perfectly avoid leaking between bottle and cap
  • Great for olive oil, vegetable oil, vinegar, soy sauce, milk, juice, water and more


  • Material: glass + food grade silicone
  • Diameter of the bottom of the pot: 8.5cm/ 3.35in;
  • Diameter of the mouth of the pot: 5cm/ 1.97in; 
  • Height of the oil pot: 22.5cm/8.86in
  • Capacity: 530/ 630ml
  • Weight: 440g
  • Color: red, grey, black

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Automatic Opening Oil Bottle