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Babyprints Inkless Touch Pad

Sky Blue

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Create a Lasting Memory of your Baby’s Precious Print! 

As the years fly by and your child grows, a tiny print remains forever—always there to reminding you of those fleeting first months of babyhood. The Babyprints Ink Padhas a "Smart Inkless Touch" that guarantees no direct contact between the baby's skin and the inkwhich achieves a highly detailed print

As your baby will not touch the ink with this smart ink pad, there is no messand totally safe for your baby. They are good for capturing the details without the worry of their print smearing or fading. With this Ink Pad, you can create a lasting memoryof your little one that you will surely cherish for eternity.  


👣CAPTURE PRECIOUS MOMENTS: We can't stop your little angel from growing up but we can help you create a masterpiece of their adorable handprint and footprint to cherish for a lifetime.

👣SUPERIOR QUALITY: Fast-drying, smudge-free, greater detail stamp without the mess

👣NO MESS: It takes your child’s hand or foot imprint with no ink ever touching their skin

👣SAFE: Totally non-toxic and infant secure

👣SPECIAL KEEPSAKE: Create a lasting memory of your baby's tiny print as keepsakes. Perfect for a baby gift, baby shower or baby registry.

👣MULTIPLE COLOR OPTIONS: Available in 6 colors to choose from that matches your baby’s personality.

👣EASILY CREATE: Simply press your baby’s hand or foot against the ink pad, and then on a clean sheet of paper.

👣CAN BE USED FOR PETS:  Pet lovers will also be happy to use it with their newborn pets


  • Outside Frame Dimensions: app.12.5cmx8cm
  • Inside Frame Dimensions: app.9.5cmx5.7cm
  • Weight: 30g

Package Includes: 

  • 1 x Babyprints Ink Pad
  • 2 x Paper Cards