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Beard Shaping Styling Tool


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Everyone can be a Barber!

It’s never been easier to shape your beard or goatee with precision and speed while maintaining symmetry. That is why the Beard Shaping Styling Template is specifically designed with your beard in mind and offers a multitude of shaping choices and styling options – simply adjust the curve angle and use.

You would no longer need to spend another cent on a trip to the barbershopbecause, with this tool, you can always have a fresh beard at the convenience of your own home!


  • Fast and precise: offer you perfectly symmetric beard trimming lines in a matter of minutes
  • All-round grooming: shape your beard or goatee with utmost precision and multiple styling options for any kind of beard
  • Built-in tools: combine with clippers, a razor and a comb to achieve an accurate trim, crisp shave and beard maintenance
  • Easy to use: there's no need to spend on grooming in barbershop anymore as it can be easily done with the styling template

  • Easy to form perfect lines and achieve symmetry with its tapered edge design 
  • By simply rotating the tool, you’ll be able to use our versatile styling guides to shape your beard, goatee and virtually anything in between

Directions for Use:

  • Shaping the Top Line
    • Prepare your face just like you normally would for a comfortable shave and place the Beard Shaper on your face with the contoured curve side following your cheek up toward the ear
    • Line up the side markings at the ear for symmetry and lightly shave over the Beard Shaper and onto your skin with a razor or clippers to achieve the perfect line
  • Shaping the Sideburn
    • Place the Beard Shaper against the back of the sideburn area, trim along the edge of the Beard Shaper tool and shave the neck
  • Shaping the Neck Line
    • Start with warm water and shaving cream like you normally would prepare for a comfortable shave.
    • With the comb edge facing up and the handle towards your lips, lift your chin and gently slide the Beard Shaper down until your neck stops it
    • Starting at the bottom edge of the Beard Shaper, use a razor or clippers to shave the exposed neck hair and perfect the neckline
    • Repeat the process on the other side for a complete, matching look
  • Shaping the Moustache
    • To shape the moustache, align the edge of the tool with the outside of the Beard Shaper and trim accordingly


  • Material: ABS
  • Size: Approximately 20.5cm x 10.5cm x 0.35cm
  • Color: Black, White 

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Beard Shaping Styling Template