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Bed Sheet Gripper Clip Set - 4pcs/ 8pcs


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Let Bed Sheet Stay in Place

Would you like your bed sheets to remain in place at all times no matter how much you twist, turn and toss on your bed? Use these Bed Sheet Gripper Clips and make sure your sheet stays in place!

Now, your sheet will never slip again and you will be able to enjoy a peaceful sleep or have the best of times playing on your bed with your kids without having to worry about creating a mess!


  • Wrinkle-free: forget about curled, wrinkled, slipping sheets that give you a headache every time you change side in your sleep
  • Perfect for all beds: perfectly adjustable to ensure snug fitting bed sheets, yours the most ergonomic bed sheet holder for all full, king, queen, toddler or hospital bedding sets
  • Easy to install: thanks to the non-slip design, simply insert the sheet holders under the mattress, press the button and secure it
  • High quality material: made of ABS plastic that will grip your bed sheets firmly

  • Keep your bed sheets in position all the time
  • Heavy duty and unbreakable


  • Lift the mattress up and insert the mattress clip
  • Press the small button
  • After fixing everything, you can be steady and not afraid to slip


  • Material: plastic buckle
  • Size: 3*1.5cm
  • Color: gray, pink, white
  • Weight: 140g/ 4pcs

Package Includes:

  • 4/ 8 x Bed Sheet Gripper Clips