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Braid Hairstyling Tool - 3pcs Set


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Do a Braid in 0 Mess!

Braiding your own hair is simpler said than done. Even the braids that are supposed to be "easy" in YouTube tutorials seem to require some sort of hair sorcery. The Braid Hairstyling Tool is the perfect accessory that helps you create French braids easily with your own hands!

It allows you to create a variety of braid styles, from French plaits to fishtail plaits. The tool is easy to use and makes your hairstyling routine more creative and exciting.


  • Hairstyling in seconds: give you the most stunning and intricate braids within a few minutes
  • Versatile in styles: allow you to braid all kinds of vintage hairstyles and it's perfect for all hair types
  • Keep it neat: the tool will hold your braid securely and firmly throughout the day, saving your time in re-organising it
  • Well-hidden: it is not visible in your hair after the braid is completed, so no one will notice that you are handicapped in hairstyling
  • Simplify your hairstyling routine and save your time
  • Suitable for any occasion like wedding, birthday, party, dinner or daily use
  • Give you an eye-catching hairstyle effortlessly and wear it for as long as you want

How to Use:

  • Start by taking a section of hair from the top of the head and feed it into the first loop
  • Use a hairpin to secure the tool on to the head as well
  • Take another section of hair from one side of the head, and cross it over the braiding tool and feed it into the next loop
  • Take another section of hair from another side of the head and cross it over and feed it into the next loop and down on
  • Repeat the process and continue down the head, filling each loop of even sections of hair from alternating sides of the head 


  • Material: Plastic + Resin
  • Size: 7.68” x 0.98”

Package Includes:

  • 3pcs x Braid Hairstyling Tool