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INSTCHEF Butter Cutting Glass Storage Box

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Make your bustling kitchen work easier and more efficient with the INSTCHEF Butter Cutting Storage Box! It's a multifunctional storage box that allows cheese or butter to be sliced evenly and taken directly from the fridge to the table anytime.

The box has a durable lid that helps maintain the cheese or butter's freshness. It can also be used as a food container for snacks, cookies, nuts, sugar, spices, and more because you are guaranteed that it is tightly sealed.

It comes with smooth edges and a fine workmanship cutting net that can be used for evenly and smoothly cutting butter up to 200g.

Made of environment-friendly and food-grade material, this cheese box has a non-stick feature that makes cleaning it absolutely hassle-free!


To use, once the frozen butter is softened, you just simply press it to the cutting net and you're good to go. It's that convenient to use and with a sleek design which makes this kitchen tool a must-have for every household!


  • Instantly slice the butter into even slices
  • A multifunctional food container
  • It keeps cheese and butter soft and fresh
  • It is made with a tight seal to store snacks, cookies, dim sum, desserts, nuts, fruits, spice, and sugar
  • It comes with a durable cutting net in finely crafted wires
  • The cutting net allows you to cut butter or cheese smoothly and evenly
  • Environment-friendly and non-toxic
  • It’s transparent and with a sleek design

  • Material:Box and Lid - Food grade ABS ; Cutter -  Premium18/8 stainless steel
  • Size: 16.5 x 9.5 x 6.8cm

  • 1pc x INSTCHEF Butter Cutting Storage Box