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Credit Card Knife

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Store a Life Safer in Wallet

Can a real knife that’s really sturdy, useful, safe and really durable fit in your wallet? With the Credit Card Knife, it is possible! This is a useful, handy and functional addition to your everyday gear that has many practical applicationsand it can be stored easilyin your purse or wallet as it is small in size.

It can do anything a small pocket knife can, quick to pull out, use, and put away. This knife has a wide variety of applications like emergencies, outdoor uses, security, and more.


  • Easy survival: designed for a wide variety of purposes in your everyday life especially when you are outdoors
  • For all purposes: can be used for medical emergencies, outdoor uses, security, stationery, kitchen uses, gardening, and outdoor sports
  • Slim and sleek: feature a foldable sharp knife and fit the purse or wallet perfectly
  • Like invisible: so thin and lightweight that you will likely forget your wallet has this useful tool, until you need it

  • Made of sturdy and durable material that will last for a longer period of time
  • A lot of attention is given to the construction making it a multifunctional tool that is proven useful in different kinds of situations


  • Material: Polypropylene plastic body + stainless steel blade
  • Folded Size: 85.6mm x 54mm x 2.2mm
  • Expanded Size: 14.3cm (total length) x 6cm (blade length) x 8.3cm (handle length)
  • Color: Black

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Credit Card Knife