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Portable Home Planetarium

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Bring the stars to your child’s room with this Portable Home Planetarium!

Imagine seeing the night sky from a different angle. The interstellar lamp takes your kid to different places in the universe without riding on a rocketship!

Prepare to blast off and let this portable planetarium take your little one to the Andromeda Galaxy or Down-Under. You only need to switch off the light of your kid’s bedroom to start his space journey.


  • DIY Night Light
    The lamp and the base are detachable so that you can set it up anywhere.
  • Rechargeable
    One of the few night lamps that need to be recharged. That way, it can still illuminate the entire room—even when the power is out!
  • Plug-In Shade Design
    It gives a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere in the room by filling the walls and the ceiling with a realistic starry night sky.
  • Comes in Three Colors
    Available in blue, white, and yellow, you can choose a color that will make the room shine amidst the darkness.


  • Material: ABS + PP
  • Size: 138mm x 138mm x 82 mm
  • Weight: 300g


  • 1 x Projection Lamp