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Classy Bowtie Collar

Color and Style
Beige Bow
Black Bow
Black Scarf
Beige Scarf
Red Bow
Red Scarf
Red Dot Bow
Black Dot Bow
Yellow Dot Bow
White Dot Bow
Green Christmas Bow
Red Christmas Bow

Get your dog a great new look

If you think a regular collar just isn't the thing for your furry baby, you could try giving it something bold and out of the way - a Classy Bowtie Collar. This provides you with the right designs that you'll be happy to see on your dog, and you'll see its mood improve as it wears it as well. This collar is pretty versatile, and also comes in a Christmas theme, which makes it the perfect item to gift someone this month. You could also gift it to your dog! 

The Classy Bowtie Collar has a bow that can be rearranged the way you like it. If you don't prefer it, you can remove it entirely. It's durable and made to last no matter the breed of dog you own. 


  • Side release buckles: you'll be able to release the collar from a leash with ease due to its ideal placement.
  • Easy to wash: all you need to make this collar look like new is to put it into a washing machine. It washes quickly and dries just as swiftly if hung up


  • Material: Double stitched cloth


  • 1x Classy Bowtie Collar