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Collapsible Sink Filter


Image result for guaranteed safe checkoutKick Sink Dirt Away!

You would never want to deal with a clogged kitchen sink because it is inconvenient and messy. One way to prevent that from happening is by getting yourself this Collapsible Sink Filter!

This might look small and insignificant, but it has an important part in maintaining a clean kitchen sink. It has a special suction cup design that is a good choice for every household. The filter gives you all the reason to enjoy using your sink without having to spend on plumbing services all the time.


  • 0 clog: the holes allow water to flow through freely, while it traps the tiny food and waste particles
  • 0 harm: unlike most sink drains, it will not scratch your sink, leaving the surface of the sink smooth and undamaged
  • Easy dishwashing: first drain out sauce or liquid on dishes, second throw away food waste, and third wash the dishes in ease
  • Self-supporting: not necessary to hold the filter on hand, but just attach the suction cup to the wall behind the sink or even the inner surface of sink

  • Withstand the unfavourable conditions that dirt and used water might expose it to
  • Perfectly fit to any sink
  • Stay in good shape and long lasting
  • Convenient and handy


  • Material: PVC + PP
  • Size: Approximately 42cm x 17cm 

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Collapsible Sink Filter