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Comfy Pet Carrier Pouch


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Keep your Kitty Close and Secure

For feline lovers, a comfortable carrier that can carry their cats when traveling and walking around is an indispensable accessory. It is essential for safelyand effortlessly moving your feline buddies from one location to another and may also serve as an innovative grooming sack in one.


With this Comfy Pet Carrier Pouch you can hold your kitty steady, calm, and comfortable when taking to the vet or clipping their nailsThere is even a shoulder strap for easy carrying, so you won't feel the weight of it at all.  Ideal for any size of cats. 



SAFE AND SECURE with a locking design that will guarantee your pet stays inside.

ADJUSTABLE COLLAR - Suitable for any size of pets

FRONT PAW OPENINGS -The perfect grooming sack to keep kitty calm and still while clipping nails.

PREVENTS SCRATCHING - Durable rips top fabric prevents kitty’s claws from poking through. This will allow you to comfortably transport your cat anywhere without being scratched.


TRAVEL-FRIENDLY AND PORTABLE- can be folded into a small size when not in use and won't take much space in your purse.

EASE OF MAINTENANCE- easy to clean and machine washable.



    Item Type: Pet Travel Bag
    Material: Synthetic Fibers Cloth
    Color: Green / Black
    Neck Collar: 11cm/4.33"-36cm/14.17"
    LengthxWidth: 48cm/18.9"*38cm/14.96"