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Corn Wavy Ponytail Hair Extension

Light Ash Blonde
Jet Black
Charcoal Black
Natural Black
Truly Red
Cinnamon Brown
Snowy White
Pure Diamond
Champagne Blonde
Light Ash Brown
Crushed Garnet
Reddish Blonde
Beeline Honey
Copper Shimmer
Toffee Brown
Soft Amber
Rich Auburn
Champagne Pink
Dolly Ivory
Light Matt Blonde
Light Sandy
French Olive
Classic Brown
Medium Choco Black
Natural Brown
Havana Brown
Dark Golden Brown
Dark Violet Brown
Hazelnut Brown

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What's Prettier than Celebrity Ponytail?

Most of our hair are too short for a volumed ponytail, unlike the superstars in Hollywood. You want to look like your idol and imitate them, then buying a Corn Wavy Ponytail Hair Extensionis what you have to do! 

Looking full and curly, the Corn Wavy Ponytail Hair Extension eliminates your need for harmful styling products and heat treatments and saves you money. It is easy to be clipped on in minutes only. You can swing the naturally looking ponytail freely with the extension now!


  • Volumed ponytail: you can now own a volumed ponytail like Ariana Grande to look more photogenic when taking photos
  • Protect your haireliminate your need for harmful styling products and heat treatments
  • Save you money: it's the best product for people who look for temporary effect, and save you money from salon appointments
  • Easy to use: easy to be clipped in minutes only and look naturally if you can hide the clips properly
  • A series of colour options available
  • You can swing the naturally looking ponytail freely with the extension


  • Wigs Length: Long 
  • Suitable Dying Colours: None
  • Can Be Permed: No
  • Package Size: 0 * 12.0 * 12.0 cm

Package Includes:

  • 1pc Corn Wavy Ponytail Hair Extension