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Cotton Lace Low Cut Socks (4 Pairs Set)


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Wearing your shoes barefoot may have its setbacks. You can either develop sweaty feet which causes foot odor that can lead to more serious problems. With this Cotton Lace Low Cut Socks, you won’t ever have to worry about any of that! They’re the perfect socks to protect your feet in the most fashionable way. It fits right to your foot and sticks like a glue so they don’t slide off.


Say Goodbye to Smelly Feet



  • Great Lace Quality. It’s made of excellent breathable and sweat wicking silky lace materials that are lightweight, compact, flexible, and elastic.

  • Dainty and Feminine: The floral motif on the lace socks looks really fashionable - one the women would want.

  • Low Cut Socks. These lace socks will not show when worn with shoes, yet will transform your ballerina flats, high heels, loafers and more into a fashionable foot wear.

  • Non-skid Design. This product has a silicon grip all around the sock cuff that makes the socs stay on your feet much better throughout the entire time of wearing it.


    • Material:Ice silk + cotton
    • Size:Free Size(19cmX8cm)


    • 4 pair x pair Cotton Lace Low Cut Socks