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Cream Filled Pastry Cone Mold - 1 Set


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The Next Appetiser Master is YOU!

Create and enjoy spiralled cream horns or flaky, sugar-coated lady locks with this Cream Filled Pastry Cone Mold Set! Also great for ham or salmon rolls, this mold is the perfect addition to any kitchen, high-end bakery, cafe or restaurant.

With this mold set, you can get rid of any trouble when cooking. The non-stick finish allows you to remove pastry cones instantly. Add this to your arsenal make impressive, delightful treats with no fuss any time.


  • No fuss anytime: simply wrap the horn with pastry, bake and fill in minutes
  • Easy release: equipped with non-stick finish, it is easy to remove the pastry cone when finishing cooking
  • Food-grade material: crafted from a high-quality, non-toxic material which will not rust and easy to maintain
  • Long lifespan: lifespan can be expanded if you hand wash and dry it thoroughly

  • Can be used for any sweet desserts by filling them with custard, pudding and ice creams
  • Can be used for any savoury appetiser by filling them with tuna, eggplant, mashed potatoes, guacamole and black beans


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Style:
    • #1 (6pcs)
    • #2 (8pcs)
    • #3 (6pcs)
    • #4 (6pcs)
    • #5 (6pcs)
    • #6 (6pcs)
  • Size:
    • #1: Approximately 8.5cm x 2.5cm
    • #2: Approximately 11cm x 3.5cm
    • #3: Approximately 12.2cm x 3.4cm
    • #4: Approximately 14cm x 3.4cm
    • #5: Approximately 15cm x 4cm
    • #6: Approximately 12.5cm x 2.5cm

Package Includes:

  • 1 Set of Cream Filled Pastry Cone Mold