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Creative Dishwashing Gloves


Take the stress out of tidying up with these ingenious new washing-up gloves. Based on the classic Marigold, these rubber gloves come with a spectacular twist - they actually have a scourer sponge embedded into them!


  • Simply apply dish soap to the gloves, and begin to clean! Remove stubborn stains without a scratch on your precious cooking tools
  • Durable and reusable. These brilliant reusable gloves are a cost-effective and super simplistic addition to any home and kitchen. The palms come lined with a thick quality sponge so you can directly scrub using nothing more than your fingers
  • No longer need to wet your hands and touch those smelly leftovers! Protecting your hands while you are cleaning thoroughly your dishes with ease! Left-hand as a plain glove and Right-hand glove has the durable sponge with all the fingers. 
  • Make cleanup easy by streamlining the dishwashing process with help from these sponge tipped rubber gloves. Creative Dishwashing Gloves makes dis washing super easy! Perfect gift for friends and loved ones