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Curtain Rod Bracket


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Let Sunlight be Gentle to You!

The curtains give the windows, doors and the partitions a good and charming look when it comes to interior decorations, but the accessories related with it also holds a vital role in the decoration of the same. Easily hang curtains and dramatically change the look of any room with this Double Curtain Rod Bracket!

It allows you to hang beautiful draperies without damaging your walls and woodworkwith harmful nails or screws. This installs in seconds, as they just tap right into your window frame.


  • Sturdy and stable: provide a stable foundation to support a curtain rod and the weight of hanging curtains or drapes
  • Finish in ease: the bracket won't require you to level or adjust anything after the installation as it'll always be as level as your window frame
  • No drilling: require only a hammer or mallet to install, no drilling or nails are needed
  • No damages: able to hold up to 20 lbs of weight without damaging your walls, and can be easily removed with no damage left afterward

  • Work with any wooden window frame that's at least 1/2 inch wide from the wall
  • Able to hold one 1 inch and one 5/8 inch curtain rods, projecting 4 inches from the wall
  • There's even an option for a center support bracket for extra-long windows and curtains
  • Simply fix the rod on one side of the wall, then place the curtain rod on this hook while extending to the other installation


  • Material: A3 Iron plate
  • Size: 10.5cm x 5cm x 4cm
  • Color: Black

Package Includes:

  • 2 x Double Curtain Rod Brackets