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Diamond-Hard Shockproof Protective iPhone Case

Black Edge

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The Strongest Phone Case
in the World

Accidentally dropped your newly-brought smartphone to floor and it broke? Never let this happens again with the Diamond-Hard Shockproof Protective iPhone Case! It offers 360° protection against drops, bumps, & scratches.

Resistant to high temperature, the case won't melt even you place it near fire. No worries if you kids draw on the case, as it is anti-fouling. It also supports wireless charging that you don't need to remove the case.


  • Shock-proof: feature 360⁰anti-drop and shock absorbing protection, designed to withstand pressure from getting dropped or hit with hard objects
  • Maintain originality: maintain the original state even you scratch on it, and dirts are easy to remove if you draw on it
  • Easy charging: it's thin enough to support wireless charging that you don't need to remove the case
  • All-time transparent: ordinary phone cases in the market will turn into yellow but ours will not

  • Ultra slim that you will feel comfortable to carry it
  • Light enough and so will not add load to your bag
  • Various sizes available for different models


  • Features: Anti-knock, Button Protector, Dirt-resistant, Full Body Cases 
  • Material: 9H Tempered Glass
  • Style: Cool, Crystal Surface, Solid Color

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Diamond-Hard Shockproof Protective iPhone Case