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Dipping Sauce Clips - 4pcs

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Separate Sauces, Enjoy More

Don't you hate having sauce all over your plate? Enjoy a side of dipping sauce without it touching the other stuff on your plate with the amazing Dipping Sauce Clip!

This is a mini-bowl with a clip on the side that lets you attach it to the edgesof your plate. You can attach one, two or as many as will fit, allowing you to arm your plate with half a dozen sauces, dips, and condiments within easy reach, while remaining manageable to carry around.


  • Mess free: keep dips, sauces, chutney, dressings, etc. cleanly separated from the food on the plate to avoid the mess
  • Joyful snacking: allow you to enjoy snacking on the living room while watching a game, having a picnic or sneaking food into your bedroom late at night
  • Easy to use: 1 or more sauces can be clipped to the outside edge of any bowl or plate without forcing you to deal with the hassle of separate dishes
  • Mini trash: you can put unwanted stuff such as chicken wing bones or used tissue into one of the mini-bowl for temporary storage

  • Work for most plates, including paper plates
  • Delightfully colourful, versatile and stylish
  • Soft grip securely clinging onto the rim of your plate
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe


  • Material: BPA-free, FDA-approved PP
  • Size: 5cm x 4.5cm
  • Color: Red / Orange / Green / Yellow

Package Includes:

  • 4pcs Dipping Sauce Clip