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Double-deck Drainage Basket


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Stylish and Simple Kitchen tool that you don't want to miss!

Save time washing up, cupboard space, and make you wonder how you ever lived without the amazing Double-deck Drainage Basket! This simple, stylishproduct combines the functions of a preparation bowl and a colander in one handy design. Much more convenientthan using a separate bowl or traditional colander!


Its integrated colander means you can rinse food in the main bowl and then drain off the excess water, without having to tip the contents into a separate colander or sieve. This can make your life easier when washing your fruits, vegetables, and more.


  • Time Saving: It features a detachable design that can significantly cut down the time in washing, draining, mixing, and serving
  • Efficient: Features an easy-tip edge to make draining faster and more efficient
  • Convenient design: It has a uniform distribution of draining holes at the bottom of the basket, The inner layer can be rotated 360° to prevent fruits and vegetables from falling when draining water from the colander
  • High-quality materials: Made from high-quality food-grade material that is durable, non-toxic, BPA free, and eco-friendly

  • Easy to clean and use, it is dishwasher safe
  • Ideal for washing, draining and cleaning all types of fruits, vegetables, and pasta
  • It's a simple, sturdy tool for multiple purposes


  • Material: PP
  • Size: 28cm × 29cm × 12 cm
  • Color: Pink / Blue / Green 

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Double-deck Drainage Basket