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ZARYA Universal Double Outlets Portable Charger - iPhone/Type C/Android


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ZARYA Double Outlets Tech Essentials Portable Charger allows you to charge your tech devices with ease!

Simply remove the cap and plug ZARYA to any US power outlet (Type A/B).With the in-built extendable cable, you can smartly pull it out to charge your Micro USB device. If you're using Apple or Type C device, just use the adapter hid inside the charger to covert to your desire cable type.

ZARYA has one extra USB outlet for you to charge one more device with any USB cable.

Unlike wall sockets and bulky power banks, this makes charging more accessible , convenient and no capacity limit as long as there is a power outlet!

It is perfect for travellers, with the lightweight and compact design that makes it easily carried and stored in a briefcase, laptop bag or even a purse.



  • An accessible and convenient way to charge multiple devices
  • Designed with Micro USB lightning interface and Type-C/Apple Lightning head
  • Fully meets your high requirements for charging multiple appliances
  • It can be used anywhere, anytime your electronics need a power boost
  • This charger is compatible with all USB tech devices
  • High efficiency and low energy consumption
  • Portable, compact and space saving


  • Output interface: Lightning, Type C
  • Input: Max 0.3A
  • Output: 5V=2100mA
  • Compatibility: Universal
  • Supports Quick Charge Technology: Yes
  • Dimension: 10 x 2.5 x 5CM