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Double-Sided Spa Shower Head

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Enjoy Instant Spa after Work!

After a whole day of tiring work, everybody loves to stand under a shower for a few minutes to refresh our mood, energize our body and relax our muscles. Create a luxurious shower experience with the Double-Sided Spa Shower Head!

It is cleverly designed to ensure up to 50% water saving rate and provides superior pressurethat will add more convenience to your household. You can even add your shower gel in it for a relaxing handheld bubble bath.


  • Save 50% water: come with precision engineered high-pressure jets that effortlessly provide a superior water flow while saving up to 50% water consumption
  • Designed with a soap chamber: for filling in with body wash, essential oil, shampoo, perfumed soap and more to bring your showering experience to the next level
  • Adjustable full body spray: easily toggle between the rain column mode for powerful water stream and ultra-fine mist mode for a comforting massage experience
  • Capable fo high pressure: capable of increasing water pressure irrespective of the water pressure inside the plumbing system in your house

  • Guaranteed to perform optimally in places with low water pressure installation
  • As a well-built shower head that is built to last for many years to come and provides a stylish look to any bathroom décor
  • Easy to install and use


  • Material: ABS
  • Color: Silver with chrome finish
  • Shower Head Size: Approximately 8cm in diameter
  • Connector Size: ½ inch

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Double-Sided Spa Shower Head