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Ear Piercing Cleaning Floss

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Every Part of your Body Needs Hygiene!

If you have been encountering troubles in wearing earrings because of excess sebum or inflammation, here's a way to give your ear piercings the care it needs with the Ear Pierce Cleaning Floss!

It helps eliminate bacteria and bad odour in your ear piercings. This gently removes dirt build-up and residuesto prevent irritation. The floss is also good to use even 6 months after your got your new ear piercing.


  • Healthy ears: effectively eliminate bacteria and bad odour in your piercing hole and prevent eczema and dermatitis around the ear area
  • 100% cleanness: remove dried discharge from sweat, soap, shampoo and associated dirt and debris
  • Natural components: contain sea salt, 82 elements, and minerals, meaning a more natural and safe way to clean your ear piercings
  • Fast and easy: to use, simply soak the green tip of the floss into the solution and pass it through the hole to clean the passage
  • Ease redness and swelling for easier earring wearing
  • Help heal your new piercing and keep it looking as good as the day you got it


  • Solution Capacity: 10ML
  • Floss Capacity: 80pcs
  • Floss Material: Customized, skin-friendly paper line
  • Solution Ingredients: Herbal extracts
  • Flavor: Mint, Rose
  • Shelf Life: 3 years

Package Includes:

  • 80pcs Floss
  • 10ml Cleansing Agent