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Easy Feet Scrubber

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Don't Ignore Your Feet's Hygiene!

When reaching your feet is a struggle, an in-shower foot scrubber that stays put is a must. This Easy Feet Scrubber features suction cups that stay glued to the shower floor, while the slip-on shape makes it incredibly easy to use.

Expect a luxurious massage effect from the bristles—just add liquid soap. Instead of having to bend over and reach down to clean your feet, you can simply use this shower foot scrubber. This is especially beneficial if you are arthritic, diabetic or lack flexibility, or have knee, back, or hip problems.


  • Stand safely: suction cups under the slippers help you stand on one spot on wet floors to prevent falling down
  • Clean you foot: can even be used outside of the shower cubicle to help massage and apply lotion to your foot
  • Better health: promote circulation of the legs and feet, remove calluses and dead skin cells, sooth tired and aching feet and help get rid of bad foot odour
  • Quick to dry: keep moisture from building up and prevent it from growing bacteria

  • Soft bristles designed to get between the toes with your longer bristles and to scrub your feet
  • The bristles are hard enough to exfoliate, without being painful
  • Large enough to make scrubbing the whole foot easy
  • Machine washable that you can just throw it in the washer if you ever need to get it extra clean 


  • Color: Blue
  • Material: Bristles
  • Size: L*M*H 28*14*12cm/11*5.3*4.5inch 

Package Includes:

  • 1 X Foot Bath Shower Brush