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FleecePets™ - Toy Animals That Transform To Hoodies


Make your child's imagination run wild

What's better than getting your child a hoodie or a new toy? The FleecePets™ hoodie, of course! It combines the goodness of a hoodie and a plush toy into one and is going to be your kid's best friend for a long while to come. It's a safe toy that's guaranteed to bring tons of joy to your family and will keep your child busy for hours as they delve in their own land of fantasy with their new fluffy partner right beside them. 

This FleecePets™ plush toy transforms into a wearable hoodie and is easy to fit on most children. The best thing about it is that it'll keep your kid warm in the cold weather, and will serve as a companion when they don't need to wear it. It offers some delightful times with friends and family, and will soon become your child's most valuable possession


  • Soft material: your child will be highly comfortable with this plush hoodie no matter which form it's in because it's soft to the touch. 
  • Easy to wash: no special treatment is needed for washing this hoodie. Just put it in a washing machine and it'll look brand new no matter how dirty it gets beforehand. 


  • Material: cotton


  • 1x FleecePets™ hoodie