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Multi-Angle Bending Drill Bit Extension

Black - 2pcs
Orange - 2pcs
Blue - 2pcs
Red - 2pcs

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There are a dizzying number of ways to put a hole in something. Using the right tools save you time and work comfortably while protecting your hands.

The?ÿFlexible Drill Bit Extension can be stretched up to 360?ø that allows it to bend, twist and straighten even in narrow confined spaces which makes it perfect even for hard-to-reach areas.

It's ideal for places that a screwdriver is hard to work in, like computer chassis, electrical cabinets, furniture, electrical appliances, and more.

While it's perfectly fit for small spaces, it has a slow speed so your screwdriver won't break easilyand eventually hurt your hands.


  • Used in?ÿnarrow and inconvenient placesto drill, tighten nuts, screwing, and so on
  • The hexagon head can be equipped with small wrench, adjustable speed charging drill, small torque wind batch, electric screwdriver and other tools
  • The plastic housing is separate from the inner flexible shaft and only rotates inside during operation
  • It is the flexible housing that protects your hands while the internal shaft rotates freely
  • The shafts drill bit extension is an important tool for hardware maintenance and repair, including computer chassis, electrical cabinets, furniture, electrical appliances, and more
  • It has great flexibility to bend, twist and straighteneven in narrow confined space
  • It reduces the amount of vibration in a wrist?ÿ


  • Material: High Carbon Steel + Plastic
  • Length: 11.8 in
  • Hex Shank: 6.35 mm (1/4 in)
  • Hexagon head: 6.35mm (1/4 in)
    • 1 Flexible Drill Bit Extension