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Free-Combination Drawer Grid Divider

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It can be tricky to organize items like socks, underwear and bras in a drawer, which is why the Free-Combination Drawer Grid Divider
 is truly a lifesaver.

This organizer will fit perfectly in your drawers and help keep your things neat and orderly. It does not require any measurement as well, just simply blend it with your bare hand.

The space in the drawer can be divided into practical small space partitions and can be moved to adjust the appropriate size. The grid can be easily assembled in different combinations that will suit your needs without the need for any tool.

It provides an attractive, simple solution to any personal storage in a convenient manner.


  • An ideal tool to divide your drawers into several parts as you want
  • Helps you to better organize your hosiery, necktie, belt, scarf, underwear, cosmetics, and more
  • Keeps your belongings at one place to easily find them whenever needed
  • It is flexible to fit your home organization needs
  • It can be customized and assembled depending on your requirement
  • Simple and easy to us


  • Material: PP Plastic
  • Size50 cm x 4pcs  /19.6 inch x 4pcs