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Patterned Layering Stencils


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Add a Vintage Sense to Your Wall

Wall decorating just got easier and more fun with the Flower Pattern Layering Stencils! It comes in various patterns and allows you to create stunning stencilled accents to decorate your home, offices or shops.

They are so easy to use and provide big savings to more costly alternatives like wallpaper and floor tiles. It's ideal for crafts and DIY projects that can be used on tile floors, wall, table, cabinet, and more. 


  • Easy DIY: 0 failures in wall decoration with these stencils
  • Save money: get the look of beautiful antique tiles without the expense of installing the real ones
  • Save time: you don't have to waste time in designing patterns
  • Long-lasting: made of high-quality material that is flexible, durable and safe

  • Suitable for plain walls, floors, table top, and furniture
  • Suitable for residences, offices, shops, and any place you’d like to makeover
  • You can stencil on walls, floors, fabric and furniture using acrylic or latex paint and a dense foam roller 


  • Material: PET
  • Feature: Oil-resistant, non-toxic, resistant to most solvents
  • Size: 13cm x 13cm/ 29.5cm x 21cm

Package Includes:

  • 9pcs Pattern Layering Stencils (Square)/
  • 1pc Pattern Layering Stencils (Rectangle)