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Flying UFO Flat Throw Disc Ball

Hot Pink

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Have an endless amount of outdoor fun with the Flying UFO Flat Throw Disc Ball! This is the coolest toy for playing catch with family and friends. Unique, soft and flexible, it provides a comfortable grip for an active play.

Easy to throw, fun to catch, the ball can be compressed into a frisbee! Who needs gizmos and gadgets when you've got a ball like this to provide you with hours of interactive fun!


  • 1+1=1: as a ball which can be transformed into a frisbee, offering kids two kinds of fun
  • Compact to carry: press the ball once so and transform into a flat frisbee which is easy to carry without using a big bag
  • Sharable fun: best to bring with you if you’re headed to a reunion, neighborhood park, local swimming pool or just in the backyard
  • Family activity: as a great way to develop a more interactive parent-child relationship
  • Promote healthy and active sports for your kids
  • Help kids stay away from digital gadgets
  • Battery-operated device with 3 different music and attractive light

How to play:

  • Press your hands to the middle and flatten it into a frisbee


  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Red Blue Green Purple
  • Size: 24cm in diameter
  • Ball circumference 51cm