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Folding Handle Sponge Scrubber


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Cleaning Can't be Easier!

Are you looking for a strong and space-saving sponge that will accomplish a wide range of cleaning goals? The Folding Handle Sponge Scrubber is exactly what you need! It fits into any space, has thorough coverage, and can tackle both small and big tasks.

Constructed with afoldable handle, it allows you to squeeze water from it conveniently so that it dries easily and prevent any new bacteria from growing. This stands up to tough jobs like cleaning the bathtub, kitchen workbench, and more.


  • All angles: eliminate the struggle in cleaning irregularly shaped surfaces like baseboards, windows, sinks, faucets, even toilets, and more
  • Foldable design: specially designed for squeezing water and make cleaning edges a breeze, bacteria is hard to grow therefore
  • 0 damage: effectively remove stains, will not scratch the surface of the glass, ceramic tile, bathtub, stove, and cooker
  • Soft but powerful: while this sponge is softer than steel wool but it is equally effective on deep cleaning projects

  • Since it is lightweight and has an ergonomic handle, it is convenient to hold and use
  • The buckle on the handle can be disassembled to make the brush turn into two parts
  • Suitable for cleaning bathtub, kitchen workbench, window glass, ceramic tile, bathroom floor, wall surface, toilet mirror and more
  • With durable construction, it can stand up to a lot of use


  • Material: PP + scouring pad + sponge
  • Weight: Approximately 80g
  • Color: Pink/ Green/ Blue
  • Size: Approximately 22.5cm x 4.8cm x 7.7cm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Folding Handle Sponge Scrubber