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Foot Peeling Spray

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Own a Pair of Soft Feet

Exfoliating should not be limited to the face or body. We often neglect to care for our feet. That's why most of us suffer from dry, cracked heels and more often than not, annoying calluses that are hard to remove. Eliminate dryness and roughnessfor baby soft feet with the Foot Peeling Spray!

Just spray onto the feet and the calluses become more flexible and easier to remove. No more cracked heel, dry toes, and flaky soles, enjoy a more comfortable walking!


  • Soft like baby: gentle to the skin and highly effective, leaving the feet and heel clean and smooth
  • Target the root: eliminate rough and unsightly skin caused by years of calluses and corns, giving you a sandal-ready feet
  • Natural and safe: made of natural ingredients that are specifically designed to penetrate deep and soften dead skin without any negative effects
  • Highly cost-effective: save time and money by maintaining your spa-fresh feet from the comfort of home

  • Aid in nourishing the skin and healing dry and cracked heels
  • Unlike abrasive callus removers, this formula moisturises the hardened skin, breakdown bonds, and make calluses easy to peel away
  • With this callus remover, you’re in control and can focus on the areas of your feet that need the most attention.
  • You will be saving big time without compromising on quality with only several applications from just one bottle


  • Net Content: 80ml
  • Weight: 126g

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Foot Peeling Spray