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Fruit Picking Tool

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Farming is THAT Easy!

Picking fruit using ladders is very time consuming and may cause injury if proper care is not taken. Thanks to this newly innovated Fruit Picking Tool, you can now harvest your fruits in a smooth, convenient and reliable way without damaging them.

With it, you will no longer worry about difficulty in fetching fruits at the top so you can save time and effort. Fruits will no longer drop from the trees because this tool comes with a basket to collect your harvests. This will let you enjoy more the pleasure of picking fruits!


  • Fast picking: the metal teeth are sturdy and can harvest fruits for long without bending
  • Prevent accident: come with a lightweight material to make it easy to pick fruits without the use of a ladder
  • Fruit catcher bag: harvest soft fruits without bruising them and keep them well and fresh
  • Flexible pole: can be affixed to a pole with suitable length to pick hard-to-reach fruits while standing on the ground

  • Suitable for picking apples, oranges, pears, nuts, mangoes, and more
  • Enable repetitive use with minimal effort required
  • Ideal to be used by anyone with ease


  • Material: Metal + Cotton
  • Ring Diameter: Approximately 5.91in
  • Bag Depth: Approximately 7.87in

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Fruit Picking Tool