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Hair Mattify Powder

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Take your Look to the Next Level!

Hair Matte Powder comes to the rescue when hair is not full enough or not manageable enough. It solves several styling problems at once. The fine, light powder adds fullness to fine hair, makes limp hair more manageable, and refreshes hair between shampoos.

This is a dry formula that you'll sprinkle into your roots, shake and tousle — within a few seconds, strands appear fuller and texturised. Take your look to the next level — no expert hair skills is required!


  • Fuller volume: the main role of this matte hair powder is to boost volume at roots and lengths, adding fullness and bounce to thin or limp hair
  • For handicapped: make your hair more manageable to attain your desired hairstyle result
  • Hold shape: hold your hair in the shape you want better and longer compared with other hairstyling products
  • 24 hrs freshness: absorb oil and therefore counteract the bedraggled look of oily hair
  • Add definition to your hairstyle
  • Create a matte finish for undone looks


    • Item Type: Applicator Bottles 
    • Package Weight: 20g

    Package Includes: 

    • 2 x Hair Mattify Powder