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Handy fruit peeler

Product features:

Using an apple peeler, cutting fruit is easy and fun!
As the blade rotates and peels, the skin of the fruit is thin and does not take much of the pulp out.
This is for round fruit the size of an apple. Small fruit is not available.
With its delicate fuselage, small and easy to use, it will be fun to let apple peel.
Operation steps:

1, the peel first chirping sound is fixed on a smooth surface.
2. Rotate the handle to turn the peeler under the fixation pin, and then insert the bottom of apple into the fork.
3, turn the knob clockwise, rotate turn until a week, press the take off button, the good apple can take down, this step note: please turn the blade to the bottom of the pins, to ensure that apple won't cut your finger, peeling, don't put the finger on the peeler can cut into place, pay attention to safety.
4. After use, rinse with water and dry, install the knife and fixation needle sleeve, and put them in the place that children cannot easily get. As the rotary peeling process is extremely interesting, some children in the family must advise to pay attention to safety.Change the blade: loosen the screws on the skinning tool holder, take out the old blade, and install the new process blade on it, and then tighten the screw.


The paring blade is very sharp. Please pay attention to your fingers when using.When cutting the blade, do not continue to turn the handle, because the apple surface is stuck. Turn the handle to get the blade out of the stuck position.This is only suitable for round fruit of the size of apples and hard flesh.


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