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HSHCHEF™ Silicone Anti-Spill Lid Cover


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Tired of the messy spills on your stove? The Multi-Purpose Lid Cover and Spill Stopper is the answer to all your woes! This can be your first line of defense against messy stovetop spills.

Made from non-toxic silicone which is guaranteed to be 100% BPA-free too. It can trap excess foams and liquids from spilling all over the stove.

It is best to use when cooking pasta, potatoes, soups, and rice that usually easily boils, even when steaming vegetables. To use, just cover your pot or pan with the spill stopper, to prevent spills before they happen, leaving your kitchenware crystal clean.

The spill stopper is made from eco-friendly and high-quality materials so it does not retain odors. It is designed to be non-stick and with maximum heat resistance.

You can also save yourself from the hassle of washing after use since it is dishwasher safe. You can even store it without damage because of its durability so there will be no deformation plus it is so easy to use.

The product's quality will never let you down!

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  • Made from BPA-free and non-toxic eco-friendly material
  • Reusable, flexible and durable
  • Keeps your stovetop clean from spills
  • Heat-resistant
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Does not retain odors
  • Easy to use

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  • Material: Food Grade Rubber
  • Type: Silicone lid for cookware
  • Size: diameter 28*28cm