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Hydrogen Enriching Water Bottle

You can​add years to your life by simply drinking hydrogen-rich water! Our blood pH level is about 7.3. Hydrogen-rich water ranges between 7-7.5 making it so beneficial to our health ​and​because we care,we have made it affordable ​to ionize your regular drinking water because the perfect pH level matters!

Hydrogen Enriching Water Bottle instantly enhances the hydrogen levels of regular drinking water. Hydrogen water is ​proven to provide more energy, slow the body's overall aging process, boost metabolism, improve skin health. ​Hydrogen water is​proven to 100% improve the immune system!


What is Hydrogen-rich water?

Hydrogen-rich water: a surplus of hydrogen gas from electrolysing​the regular H2O. It has been a new trend in health living aftera study in Japan in 2011 shows usage of hydrogen-rich water resulted in significant improvement in wrinkles and collagen production.

Did you know that just 1.5L of hydrogen water​is equal to eating: 516 apples, 38 carrots, 37 pumpkins, 765 bananas, 45 cabbages?



The main component of Hydrogen Enriching Water Bottle is an electrolytic film that emits negative ions into the water when ionizer is on. It's made of medical-grade titanium and platinum alloy. Generally, electric water ionizers are better and healthier as they will ionize valuable minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

Why should I drink ionized water?

People tend to drink and eat products that are too acidic; it's really hard these days not to. This makes our bodies overly acidic, which could lead to sickness and disease. Our blood will always be about 7.365 pH, but the interstitial (between cells) fluids' pH can vary, and too much acidity in these fluids can lead to disease. A huge benefit of Hydrogen-rich water is that it helps to balance out the pH in the body's fluids when you drink it throughout the day. The list of ionized water remedies is extensive. Conditions such as spider veins, headaches, earaches, throat soreness, congestion, acid reflux, gout, constipation, acne, colds, allergies, and almost "you name it", go away and stay away because of drinking ionized water.

How is ionized water different from tap water?

Ionized water has two very important differences from tap-water: 1) It provides pH-buffers to help the pH balance of your body, and 2) It contains natural, healing antioxidants.

Is there a filter? Do I have to replace it?

Since Hydrogen Enriching Water Bottle is a hydrogen water generator, it doesn't have a filter that needs to be replaced. Instead, it has electrolytic plates that are made of titanium and platinum alloy. These plates turn regular water into hydrogen-rich water when ionizer is on. They also help neutralize bacteria, pesticides, chlorine, and many other water contaminants.

Is it rechargeable?

Yes! Unlike other ionizers, Hydrogen Enriching Water Bottle doesn't require an outlet connection 100% of the time to make hydrogen-rich water. Simply charge the bottle and make hydrogen water anywhere, anytime!

Can the bottle break?

Hydrogen Enriching Water Bottle is made of durable borosilicate glass, but there is still a chance of breakage. Please handle the bottle with care.


  1. Plug the device to any USB port and wait 2-3 hours to be fully charged
  2. Fill the bottle with water. Make sure the temperature is below 40 degrees

  3. Click the power button, the blue light indicates it is generating hydrogen

  4. Wait 1-3 minutes to reach optimum hydrogen concentration

  5. Turn off the device

  6. The machine has a smart CPU which adjusts the hydrogen concentration automatically

  1. The hydrogen generating duration and bubble frequency change automatically at different types of water(tap water, distilled water)

  2. The machine stops producing hydrogen once the concentration reaches to enough level

  3. The machine doesn't need any maintenance.

  4. Use citric acid(lemon juice or vinegar) to clean the electrode plate at the bottom. Mix citric acid with warm water(not hot water) and fill the bottle. Let it sit for 30 minutes, then rinse. It is recommended to clean every 20 uses.

  5. We don't recommend running it without water. It might burn the ionizer.