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Inflatable Air Wedge Pump Pry Bar

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How often do you need something held up, held in place, or moved just slightly to align it perfectly while installing something? TheInflatable Pry Bar and Levelling Tool is a unique tool that you can use on tons of different types of projects to help align doors, windows, and cabinet installations.

This is a contractor-grade inflatable air wedge for window, door and cabinet installations; replaces damaging pry bars and wooden shims. It allows a single installer to position and holds items in place, saving time and reducing labor costs by providing a much-needed extra hand in installations. Made of reinforced fiber material, it is proven durable and leaves no marks.

The powerful hand operated pump lifts up to 300 lbs.

Whether you're a skilled builder installing windows, doors or cabinets or a homeowner trying to level a washing machine, you'll be glad you have this easy-to-use yet powerful tool.


  • Inflatable air wedge for window, door, cabinet, appliance and other installations
  • Lifts, aligns, plumbs, and levels household appliances and furniture with precision
  • It has a rating of 300lbs so it can easily handle full size installations with just a single person doing the job
  • It can be used to pry objects apart (like fragile baseboards and trim from a wall) without damaging since it won't scratch surfaces
  • Perfect for window and door installers, interior construction professionals, installers of appliances and small equipment
  • Allows single installer to do full size installations saving time and labor costs
  • Professional level certified by SGS
  • Fully inflated 2.5” gap-spanning capability means greater lifting range and the ability to handle more jobs
  • The tough but soft material won't scuff, scrape or leave a mark on expensive cabinetry, furniture or walls
  • Featured with simple one-hand operation
  • Rounded corner and internal stiffener gets into tight 3/32in gaps and won't fold under pressure


  • Just place it under whatever you'd like to lift up, hold in place, or align, and start pumping it up using the attached hand pump
  • You can then use the attached bleeder valve to help raise and lower the air wedge to get things perfectly aligned


  • Material: Rubber
  • Product Dimension: Deflated size of 6-1/4in x 6-1/4in


  • 1pc - Inflatable Air Wedge Pump Pry Bar