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INSTHEF ASMR Hair Scalp Massager

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Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is more than just a pleasant feeling, it also provides physiological and stress-reducing benefits. ASMR is the sensation experienced in response to specific sights and sounds, described as a warm, tingling and pleasant sensation starting at the crown of the head and spreading down the body. 


The Head Scalp Massage Device is known to be a great tool that triggers the ASMR.Those who experienced this sensation calls it pleasurable, relaxing, and even sleep-inducing.


-Soothing and calming head and scalp massager
- This massager triggers ASMR sensation
- It relaxes not only the head but the entire body as well
-It provides relief to pain such as migraine
- The device improves sleep quality and helps fight fatigue
-Increases blood circulation
- It’s made of flexible wires that will fit any head size
-Easy to use with no need for batteries or charging
-Suitable for whole range of people


-Material: Metal handle, stainless steel fingers, and plastic touch points
- Color: As shown in the picture
- Handle length: 3.15"/ 8cm
- Feature: With 12 retractable “fingers”

Package Content:

-1 head and scalp massager