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Tumbler Interactive Pet Treat Dispenser


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With the Tumbler Interactive Pet Treat Dispenser, your dogs or cats will be entertained and rewarded. The internal “Labyrinth design” will slow down the rate treats drop through, causing your dog or cat to spend more time playing with the toy waiting for treats to drop. It comes with adjustable flaps that allow you to control the speed and difficulty of food dispensing.

All you need to do is open the lid, add food, close it and let your dog enjoy. It's super convenient!

With three vents on the top, your dog or cat will easily smell the treats you put inside and remain interested.

The toy can be disassembled and cleaned very simply.

Key Benefits

  • Treat dispensing ball is designed to challenge dogs/cats to get to the treats inside.
  • Features adjustable levels of difficulty to keep the mental challenge going.
  • Also keeps him physically active, which reduces boredom and helps prevent bad behavior.
  • Great for small to medium dogs and fits most small treats or kibble.
  • Made from a hard, durable plastic that dissembles for cleaning purposes.